Welcome back to this edition of 2-Minute Tuesdays.  This is our third video where we are talking about an exercise topic for two minutes and expanding upon it later. Today we are talking about three reasons why we suggest you move slowly when you are doing resistance training.

  1. You will detect issues sooner.

The first reason is that you are going to feel and detect issues that are going on in your body right away.  A lot of times, the thing that scares people away from doing resistance training is that they are scared of getting injured.  But, the more slowly that you move, the faster you are going to detect when something is going wrong.

  1. You will be challenging the entire range of motion.

Have you ever been at the gym and seen the people who are just throwing the weights?  A lot of time they will be on a machine, like a knee extension, and they are just flinging the weights up and down.  Well, if you are moving slowly, it means you are not doing that.

What does that mean?  It means that through every position in the entire range of motion, your muscles are actually having to work.  You’re not just throwing the weight and then catching it at the bottom.  You are actually challenging your muscles throughout the entire range.

What does this mean?  Better results for you.

  1. Moving slowly when resistance training will help to protect your joints.

When you move quickly, you are more likely to jolt your joints around or move in a weird position.  The more slowly you move, the more likely it is that your joints will be protected, and the more likely it is that your muscles will help to protect your joints, too.

So, there are three reasons for you why you should be doing your resistance training at a much slower tempo and why we recommend you move slowly when you are doing resistance training.

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