MATRx Stim is an advancement of the MATRx process utilizing a highly specialized muscle stimulation machine, the NXPro from Neux Technologies.

Instead of doing manual stimulation of the muscles like in the traditional MAT® and MATRx processes, the MATRx Stim process uses the electrical stimulation of the NXPro machine to activate the muscles.

This process allows us to progress through a client’s body much faster than the traditional MAT® process or the standard MATRx process, activating multiple muscles at one time using the NXPro machine.

Who is the MATRx Stim process right for?

After a client has shown that their body responds well to both traditional MAT® and MATRx, MATRx Stim may be a viable option for them. We like to make sure they have a solid strength and function foundation built first using traditional MAT® and MATRx as the MATRx Stim process can be taxing if the client’s body isn’t prepared for it.

However, once the client is ready, this process can take their neuromuscular system to a supercharged level unlike anything else.

If you are the type of person who is looking to maximize your body’s ability to perform at high levels, tolerate large amounts of stress, and recover quickly, the MATRx Stim process may be a great fit for you.

Ready to try out MATRx Stim for yourself?