Welcome back to this week’s edition of 2-Minute Tuesdays. Now this week, we are highlighting the top three mistakes we saw people making in 2020 when it comes to their exercise and workouts. We will also be detailing how to avoid these mistakes in 2021 so you can make sure you are consistently building the health and function of your body with exercise.

1) Working Out At Home Means Only Cardio

The first common exercise mistake we saw in 2020 was that people who exercised from home felt like they could only do cardio – so that’s all they did. This is not true! There are SO many resistance training options that you can do at home, even if you don’t have any workout equipment. In fact, in the MAS At-Home Workout Program, we have 75 resistance training workouts that can all be done in under 20 minutes. To access these workouts, as well as the entire library of over 100 home workouts in the program, head to HomeWorkout.MATSchaumburg.com to download your copy of the program!

Action Step:  If you are looking for a video-guided workout program that provides a variety of workouts, including resistance training, cardio workouts, mobility workshops, and recovery workouts, head to HomeWorkout.MATSchaumburg.com to learn more about the MAS At-Home Workout Program and download your copy today!

2) I’m Stuck On Zoom Calls So I Can’t Exercise

Ahh yes, the year of Zoom and video conferences. This led to the second common exercise mistake we saw in 2020 which was because people’s schedules were filled with Zoom calls, they felt like they weren’t able to consistently workout. Here’s the thing – if you have Zoom calls, then there are likely definitive start times to them. Since you know when things will be starting, you can see when you will have three to five minutes here and there throughout the day to get some activity in as well as when you will have time before the day kicks off to get a longer workout in. 

Action Step:  Schedule your workouts, prioritize your workouts, and get them done. Being busy with work does not provide the health benefits that exercising does – only exercise can do that. So if you aren’t working out, for whatever reason, you aren’t getting the health benefits of exercise.

3) The Pandemic Is A Good Reason To Cancel All Exercise Commitments

The third common exercise mistake we saw in 2020 was that people were cancelling all of their exercise commitments for pandemic-related reasons. While safety clearly is a top concern, there are PLENTY of ways to exercise that don’t involve heading to the gym or being around other people. Whether it is using a fitness app, finding some YouTube videos, scheduling with a trainer on Zoom, or utilizing the MAS At-Home Workout Program, the opportunities to exercise on your own with and without guidance are growing by the day. With flu season around the corner, cold season here, and COVID season apparently sticking around, too, making sure you exercise consistently is of the utmost importance to maintain your overall health and wellbeing.

Action Step:  If you aren’t sure how you should be exercising to promote the health and function your body, we have something for you. It is called the One Workout Away Challenge, and this round is starting Sunday, January 3. To learn more about this 28-day challenge, head to OWA.MATSchaumburg.com.

Team MAS

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