The MAT® Athlete system is designed specifically for competitive high school, college, and professional athletes who are needing a fast and effective solution to a specific ache or pain in their body.

Building on the traditional MAT® skillset and utilizing principles from the MATRx system, MAT® Athlete is the secret weapon of many professional sports organizations and high-level athletes.

With the MAT® Athlete system, the goal is the same as traditional MAT®–to identify and address weak muscles that are causing pain, tightness, lack of mobility, and poor performance. However, with the addition of the MATRx principles, the speed and effectiveness of addressing these muscles is taken to a whole new level.

How Do You Know If You Are A Candidate For The MAT® Athlete System?

As the name suggests, MAT® Athlete is reserved for individuals who are competitive athletes at the high school, college, or professional level.

One difference between athletes and non-athletes is the amount of stress the athlete’s body can withstand and still feel and function well. The MAT® Athlete system leverages an athlete’s natural ability to tolerate stress to create very fast and effective results for the athlete within the session.

In fact, these results can happen so quickly that the MAT® Athlete system is used within the training room of many professional sports organizations where the practitioner may only have 10 to 15 minutes to work with the athlete.

MAT® Athlete is also perfect for a quick tune up immediately before or after practice or competitions.

Ready to try out the MAT® Athlete system for yourself?