Welcome back to this week’s edition of Two-Minute Tuesdays where we talk about one exercise topic for two minutes and give you three reasons why you should take our advice.  This week we are talking about three reasons why exercising for Baby Boomers is a must and three tips to make sure it goes smoothly.


  1. Strength Train At Least 2x/Week

The first tip is that Baby Boomers need to be strength training twice a week.  The biggest issue we see with Baby Boomers is loss of muscle mass, so make sure that if you are a Baby Boomer, or know someone who is a Baby Boomer, they are exercising – specifically strength training – two times a week.

Action Tip:  Check out this post for some key exercise tips to make sure your strength training is done safely and effectively.  You can also download our E-Book where we give you a virtual tour of seven of the most common exercise machines at your gym and how to use them most effectively.

  1. Schedule Your Exercise Time

Tip number two for Baby Boomers is to make sure you schedule it.  As you approach retirement, everyone wants in on your schedule.  They figure you have all the time in the world, so they want a piece of that.  If you don’t schedule it for yourself, it’s not getting done.

Action Tip:  Look at your daily calendar and write in exactly when you are going to exercise each day, and write it in pen!  Finding a friend or a group to exercise with can help to hold you accountable, as can hiring a personal trainer.  But the bottom line is that exercising has to be something that you make a priority in your schedule.  Once you lock it in, don’t let other activities or invitations take over that spot.

  1. Consistency > Perfection

The last tip is that consistency is more important than perfection.  So many people enter the gym and they always ask, “What am I supposed to do?  How am I supposed to do it?  How often should I do this?”  What we recommend is to focus on consistently showing up for your exercise rather than focusing too much on the perfection of your exercise.

Action Tip:  Get started!  Paraphrasing a Tim Ferriss line, a mediocre program done consistently is far better than the perfect program that is never started.  If you are not sure where to start, check out this post for five principles to help you exercise for life.  It will give you some great ideas to keep in mind as you start exercising consistently.

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