As personal trainers and Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™) specialists in Schaumburg, IL, we are constantly trying to spread the good word about what MAT™ can do for others.  If you have not heard of MAT™ before, or if you are interested in finding out more information about it, check out this post below from MAT™ Headquarters regarding eight things you NEED to know about MAT™.

“8 Things You Should Know About Muscle Activation Techniques™”

By Muscle Activation Techniques™ Headquarters

Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™) is a revolutionary approach that assesses and corrects a client’s muscular system. It is as simple as that to explain yet it is an amazingly effective and nuanced tool. You may often see and hear about MAT™ in the news because of high profile athletes crediting some degree of their performance or recovery to MAT™, but MAT™ is not limited to professional athletes; Muscle Activation Techniques™ can help everyone!

MAT™ is now a global education company that teaches professionals in the health and wellness industry an enhanced process that can help their clients who have limitations in their muscular system that show up as reductions in range of motion and ease of movement.

IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski and Greg Roskopf working on knee internal rotation

Here are eight things that you should know about MAT™:

1.)  MAT™ can help explore what could be causing pain. Within the MAT™ philosophy, pain is an indicator that something is wrong. It is like the check engine light in your car. It tells you there is a problem, but not necessarily where the problem is.  Muscle Activation Techniques™ has a series of checks and balances to see where there are muscle weaknesses (or inhibition). Oftentimes, these muscular weaknesses and the resulting imbalances can contribute to the cause of pain. By addressing the imbalances in the muscular system, MAT™ can work towards resolving the issue. To be clear MAT™ does NOT TREAT PAIN...  but rather it explores the muscle systems role in the symptom of pain.

Want to find out what the other seven reasons are?  Check out the full post on the Muscle Activation Techniques™ Headquarters website by clicking here.

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