Welcome back to this week’s edition of 2-Minute Tuesdays where we are bringing you one exercise topic, talking about it for two minutes, and giving you three reasons why you should follow our advice.  This week we are talking to those of you who like to workout outside, especially when the weather gets hot.  How can you make sure that you are staying safe with the increased sun exposure and the increased temperature when you are working out outside?

1) Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

Tip number one – make sure you stay hydrated.  This goes far beyond staying hydrated while you are exercising.  You have to make sure to hydrate before and after you exercise, as well.

Action Step:  Weigh yourself before you begin your workout and again at the end.  Any weight loss during that time can likely be chalked up to the water weight you lost due to sweating.  Drink 8 oz of water for every ½ pound you lose during your workout.

2) Choose Your Clothing Wisely

Tip number two – consider the clothing you are wearing.  Not only do you want to stay cool while you are exercising, but you should also stay covered from the sun to make sure you don’t get sunburnt.  Look for fabrics that are both breathable and lightweight while covering your skin to make sure you stay safe while working out outside.

Action Step:  Most major sports clothing brands have their line of “heat gear” that is great to wear in hotter temperatures.  Not only will most of these clothing options be breathable, many of them can help protect you from the sun, as well.

3) Be Mindful When Switching From Inside To Outside Activities

The last tip is that a lot of people like to bike or run outside, but all winter long they’ve been running and biking inside.  It is important to acknowledge that those are two separate things–running on a treadmill and riding on a stationary bike compared to running outside and riding on a road bike or a mountain bike.  Be mindful and progress yourself wisely when you switch from indoor to outdoor cardiovascular activity.  We want to make sure that your body, your muscles, and your joints stay safe and not feeling achy with these new challenges.

Action Step:  We know you want to get outside on a beautiful day and go for a long ride or run, but ease slowly back into the swing of things.  Our general rule for progression is that if you are sore or achy after your workout, take what you did and cut it in half.  Keep cutting it in half until you can complete your workout without any soreness or achiness.  Then use that as a guideline for progressing yourself.

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