Organic Exercise

You likely understand that in order for your body to work as well as it can, you should not be eating a diet based around cookies and cupcakes. However, when it comes to exercising, you may be stuck on a metaphorical dessert-heavy diet. As a Muscle Activation Techniques™ specialist and certified personal trainer in Schaumburg, I often have to discuss with my clients the difference between exercising for health and exercising for entertainment.

While what you are currently doing for exercise may seem more fun and entertaining than it’s healthy “organic” counterpart, understand that if you only eat the foods that are highly processed, eventually you are not going to feel well. Likewise, while the high-intensity, made-for-tv-esque exercises may be appropriate for your body from time to time, if that is your only form of exercise, eventually your body is going to be needing something “healthier”. (more…)

5 Exercise Tips If Your Back Tightens Up In The Car

One of the top physical complaints I hear from prospective clients is that their back tightens up when they drive for longer periods of time.  They often have to change from favoring one hip to another as they shift their body weight back and forth during their trips.  And when they finally arrive at their destination, there can be some difficulty getting out of the car right away because their back and hips feel tight.


More times than not it has been recommended to them that they need to spend more time stretching their low back and hips so they don’t tighten up so easily.  While there may be some merit to this kind of suggestion, I offer up a different solution that they don’t often hear – they need to find the muscles that are too loose and tighten them up. (more…)

5 Ways To Change Up Your Workout So You Don’t Get Bored

Bored with exercise?  Finding that your current workout plan is a drag?  Interested in learning new ways to change up what you are doing?  Looking for some tips to amplify your results at the gym?


Join us on Monday, November 7 for our final Exercise For Life Talk of the year!  At Muscle Activation Schaumburg, certified personal trainers, Julie Errington and Charlie Cates, will be discussing five simple ways to completely transform your current exercise routine.  In this live workshop, Julie and Charlie will be teaching you some of their biggest secrets that they use with their clients to provide a world class exercise experience and make exercising feel like it has never felt before. (more…)

The MAS Story

Today marks our two-year anniversary in Remington Office Court! Julie and I wanted to take this opportunity to share the story of how Muscle Activation Schaumburg has evolved over our first years.


Prior to opening our very first office on Martingale Rd., Julie was an employee at Lifetime Fitness and I was seeing clients in the city as well as at the fitness center of our Schaumburg apartment building.  After a few short months, I was told I was no longer allowed to see clients at our apartment.  That Christmas, I contacted every place in Schaumburg looking for a location to see my clients.  Nobody was interested in the idea. (more…)