Check out this awesome testimonial from Julie and Charlie’s client, Liz!  Liz describes her experience doing personal training with Julie and Muscle Activation Techniques™ with Charlie.  She talks about how what she has learned with Julie and Charlie has far outweighed everything she learned the previous 20 years of exercising regularly, as well as her body’s transformation over the past three months.

“First, I want to thank you both, Julie and Charlie, for the transformation you have done to my body since last October.  Having this relationship with you, I cannot thank you enough.  My body is so fit right now.  I think I have lost, I mean you know the numbers, but I think it has been like 12 pounds and 12 inches, so something crazy like that, and all without hurting.

“For anybody who is seeing this video [or reading this testimonial], this couple is amazing.  Charlie will make sure that your body is not hurt.  There are a lot of things that he has done for me that I didn’t even know were possible.  At the end of the day, I am able to maximize my body’s potential with everything he has done to my body to make sure it is operating at its maximum intensity and potential.

“Julie, on the other hand, is all about sloooowww, slowwwww, and not all of this rush, rush, rush, pump, pump pump, which, she tells me, is actually ineffective.  She talks to me about slowing down and really focusing on my body parts.  She makes sure that whatever you are doing, again, the impact is maximized, but it is not always about rushing through things and being so fast.

“At the end of the day, I have been working out for maybe about 20 years now, but what I have learned from Julie and Charlie in just the last three months definitely trumped everything I have learned trying to do it on my own in the last 20 years.  Thank you, Julie.  Thank you, Charlie.  I am really excited for the summer to show off the new me.”

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