E76 – How Flip-Flops Are Stressing Your Body

This week on the Exercise Is Health podcast, Julie and Charlie sit down to discuss the most popular footwear of the season – flip-flops – and how it is stressing out your body.  From bunions, to plantar fasciitis, to knee, hip, and back issues, wearing flip-flops for extended periods of time may create more issues … Continued

Joints feeling achy? MAT® may be what you are looking for.

Just the other day I had a client come into Muscle Activation Schaumburg and say, “I knew I was doing Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) to help my muscles work better, but I didn’t realize that my joints would be feeling so much better, too.”  This is not an uncommon response from many of our clients … Continued

What biking & golf have to do with a running injury

A few weeks back, I went for a run and tweaked my calf.  This was unusual for a couple reasons. First, I was only about half a mile into the run.  I had been running two miles consistently 3-5 mornings a week over the past two months, so my body was accustomed to doing the … Continued

Is your body approaching 100,000 miles?

I had a client come in a few weeks back and we were talking about how our approach to exercise is different at Muscle Activation Schaumburg than at most other personal training studios in Schaumburg.  I was telling him how our approach to exercise was all about improving our clients’ health and function. We talked … Continued

Aging? 3 things you can do to keep your muscles healthy!

As you age, there are many systems of your body that you may think you need to keep healthy.  Your heart, eyes, ears, brain, lungs, and liver may all come to mind, but what about your muscles?  Keeping your muscles healthy during the aging process can help you be more active, feel better, and keep … Continued