When I was 14 I rolled both of my ankles within a couple weeks of eachother.  “You must have weak ankles,” is what my coach told me.  The solution?  Bilateral ankle braces.


I took the ankle braces off as soon as I could play without them.  Until then, I was left spelling the alphabet twice a day with my foot as a means to regain mobility and improve strength.

I had the same ankle issues throughout highschool.  I would roll my ankles at least once a season, followed by ice, alphabet, and braces until the pain subsided.  In college bilateral ankle braces were mandatory during my first two seasons.  I still found myself rolling ankles once or twice a year, if not more, despite this means of injury prevention.

When I was first introduced to Muscle Activation Techniques™ I had some MAJOR limitations in foot and ankle motion.  I also had numerous weaknesses throughout my lower legs and feet.  Even though I had spent years “stretching and strengthening” my ankles from middle school through college, they were as stiff as bricks and immensely inefficient from a muscle contraction standpoint.

It makes me question how much strengthening was actually going on with the exercises I had been previously doing.  Was I actually able to strengthen the muscles that were weak?  Or was I simply using and strengthening the muscles that were already strong?

How much was I actually improving my weak ankles?  Furthermore, were my ankles even the main cause for concern, or was it weaknesses in my hips that were compromising the integrity of my lower legs and feet?

Muscle Activation Techniques™ is a process that helps to optimize your muscular system.  If you have been told that you have weak ankles, if you suffer from recurrent ankle injuries, or if you are interested in truly strengthening your weak links, contact your local MAT™ specialist to see how this process can have your lower legs and feet stronger than you ever thought possible.

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Charlie Cates

Char­lie Cates, M.S. is a Muscle Activation Techniques® Master Specialist (MATm), an MATRx® Full Body Specialist, a mastery level Resistance Training Specialist® (RTSm), and a Cer­ti­fied Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Charlie attained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Williams College in 2010, where he played varsity basketball for four years. In 2016 he graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a Master of Science degree in exercise science. A type-1 diabetic, he is the owner of Muscle Activation Schaumburg in Schaumburg, IL. He is an instructor for the Muscle Activation Techniques® program, introducing students of all different backgrounds to the MAT® process. Charlie specializes in managing and improving the function of his clients’ muscular system through the MAT® process and utilizing RTS® principles. He can be reached via e-mail at charlie@matschaumburg.com. Fol­low him on Instagram at @CharlieCates!


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