Exercise As A Lifestyle Stinks

Have you ever heard the saying “exercise is a lifestyle”?  I am pretty sure we all have heard it and we REALLY need to cut it out and stop saying it.  Let me tell you why.


Why do some people say this?  Because the true and best changes from exercise are seen with consistency and long-term efforts.

But, what does it sound like is being said?  Exercise must dominate your life.


The MAS Story

Today marks our two-year anniversary in Remington Office Court! Julie and I wanted to take this opportunity to share the story of how Muscle Activation Schaumburg has evolved over our first years.


Prior to opening our very first office on Martingale Rd., Julie was an employee at Lifetime Fitness and I was seeing clients in the city as well as at the fitness center of our Schaumburg apartment building.  After a few short months, I was told I was no longer allowed to see clients at our apartment.  That Christmas, I contacted every place in Schaumburg looking for a location to see my clients.  Nobody was interested in the idea. (more…)

8 Things You Should Know About Muscle Activation Techniques™

As personal trainers and Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™) specialists in Schaumburg, IL, we are constantly trying to spread the good word about what MAT™ can do for others.  If you have not heard of MAT™ before, or if you are interested in finding out more information about it, check out this post below from MAT™ Headquarters regarding eight things you NEED to know about MAT™.

“8 Things You Should Know About Muscle Activation Techniques™”

By Muscle Activation Techniques™ Headquarters

Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™) is a revolutionary approach that assesses and corrects a client’s muscular system. It is as simple as that to explain yet it is an amazingly effective and nuanced tool. You may often see and hear about MAT™ in the news because of high profile athletes crediting some degree of their performance or recovery to MAT™, but MAT™ is not limited to professional athletes; Muscle Activation Techniques™ can help everyone!

MAT™ is now a global education company that teaches professionals in the health and wellness industry an enhanced process that can help their clients who have limitations in their muscular system that show up as reductions in range of motion and ease of movement.

IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski and Greg Roskopf working on knee internal rotation

Here are eight things that you should know about MAT™: (more…)

Why Do You Exercise?

Why do you exercise?

For health reasons?  For enjoyment?  For stress release?  For YOU time?  For camaraderie/social reasons?  For a mental and physical challenge?  For aesthetic reasons?  For self-confidence?  Because you were told you should?

13528939_1692467311014448_2652992712559966189_nAs a certified personal trainer and Muscle Activation Techniques™ specialist in Schaumburg, IL, this is a question I ponder from time to time.  For myself, I exercise largely for the short-term and long-term health benefits.  This was not always the case, though.  When I was younger, I exercised almost exclusively to improve my athletic performance.  Then, I exercised to increase my strength and build my physique.


The Struggle Of Exercise

The benefits of exercise are waiting and are too great to be ignored, but the struggle to actually do exercise is REAL.

I am a personal trainer in Schaumburg.  Being a personal trainer does not mean that I love to workout.  Being a personal trainer means that I love learning about the opportunities that exercise can provide when applied appropriately to the body.  I love learning and exploring this opportunity of exercise so much that I made it a profession.



Are you investing intelligently into your exercise account?

A lot of times when we go to the gym we are focused on what we are going to do right then.  “What exercises am I going to do?  How many sets and reps?  What weight will I be using?”  All of these are valid questions to consider.  However, as a personal trainer and Muscle Activation Techniques™ specialist in Schaumburg, IL, I often have to talk with my clients about the value of investing intelligently into their exercise account, which means exercising for tomorrow and not just for today.



“Should I use more weight?”

“Should I use more weight?”

“That would depend on your goal…”

As a personal trainer in Schaumburg, I realize that a lot of times we get caught up on the idea of more is better.  If we can use more weight, we should.  If we can perform more reps, we should.  If we can eek out a couple more sets, we should.  But here’s the issue:  the value in exercise is not actually found in the doing of the exercise, but rather in your body’s response to doing the exercise.