2-Minute Tuesdays 2018 Posts

We were back at it again in 2018 with 52 2-Minute Tuesday posts, putting up three reasons why you should follow our advice in two minutes on one exercise topic. Did you catch all of them? If not, or if you’d like a refresher, check them all out below!

  1. Tips for Fighting the New Year’s Gym Crowd
  2. Working off the holiday pounds? Make sure to read this.
  3. Stay safe during your ski trip with these exercise tips!
  4. Tips For Working Out Indoors This Winter
  5. Exercise Tips For Cold-Weather Workouts
  6. New Year’s Resolutions – Tips if you are having trouble sticking to them
  7. Navigating a new gym? Check out our tips.
  8. Get the most from your fitness tracker
  9. Tips for the 20-minute workout
  10. Tips for finding a qualified personal trainer
  11. Exercise Tips If You Are Sore
  12. Feeling awesome today? Get the most from your workouts with these tips!
  13. Preparing for running season? Check out these tips!
  14. Working off the winter weight? We have some tips.
  15. Preparing for golf season? Check out these exercise tips!
  16. Biking Season Exercise Tips
  17. Tips For Using A Heart Rate Monitor
  18. Trying to balance your inside and outside workouts? We have some tips.
  19. Baby Boomers – Exercise tips if you’ve never worked out before
  20. In your 30’s? You need structured exercise.
  21. Going on vacation? Check out these workout tips.
  22. How to consistently workout with a busy summer schedule
  23. Seniors – Getting up there in age? Working out is a MUST for you.
  24. Gym Hunting – Find your perfect gym with these tips!
  25. How Can MAT® Help Your Golf Game?
  26. Swimming often? Make sure your body stays healthy!
  27. Exercise tips if you aren’t sleeping well
  28. Are you a frequent flyer? Keep your body in check with these tips!
  29. Tips For Exercising In The Summer Heat
  30. Preparing for retirement? We have three exercise tips for you.
  31. High School Athletes – 3 Tips To Get Stronger While Minimizing Injuries
  32. Ladies Over 50 – Keep these exercise tips in mind!
  33. Have young kids? We have some exercise tips for you!
  34. CEOs – Three things you need to be doing with your workouts
  35. Holiday Weekends – Things You Need To Do To Get Your Workouts In
  36. Schedules changing in the fall? Get your workouts in with these tips!
  37. Make the most of your 70’s with these three workout tips!
  38. Not a gym member? We have exercise tips for you!
  39. 5k Prep – Exercise tips for running your next 5k!
  40. 3 Ways To Know If You Need MAT®
  41. Shoulder feeling achy? Stay safe with your exercise with these tips!
  42. Chronically tight muscles? We have some ideas!
  43. How to start exercising again after a car accident
  44. Over 40? Resistance training is a MUST for you.
  45. Weight Training – You need to do it for your entire life. Here’s why.
  46. Joints feeling good after MAT®? Here are three proposed reasons why.
  47. 3 Reasons Why MAS Is Different Than Your Gym
  48. Thanksgiving derailed your exercise routine? Get back to it with these tips!
  49. Holiday parties interfering with your workouts? We have some tips!
  50. Preparing for the new year? Get ahead of your 2019 fitness goals with these tips!
  51. Holiday Travel – Tips for getting your workouts in on the road
  52. Trying out for next year’s Reindeer Team? We have some tips!

So there you have it. 52 Tuesdays in 2018 and 52 episodes of 2-Minute Tuesdays giving you exercise tips for a broad spectrum of situations. We covered working out in high school, in your 30’s, in your 40’s, as a Baby Boomer, and in your 70’s. We discussed working out in cold weather and summer heat. We gave you advice for the holiday season, the fall school year, and summer travel. We talked about skiing, golf, running, biking, and swimming. We talked about how to start exercising, how to keep the momentum going, finding a new gym, finding a personal trainer, and what to do if your body is feeling achy, beat up, or sore from your workouts. Not to mention everything we talked about in 2017.

With all of these tips, you may be thinking that we don’t have much more to say. Wrong! Many of our episodes for Seaosn 3 are ready to rock and roll, so make sure to tune in next week Tuesday for another 2-minute topic 🙂

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