Participating in sports? You have to keep this one thing in mind.

A couple weeks back I was having a conversation with a client when the topic of sports came up.  This client was talking to me about some of the moves her sport was requiring and how she was finding it difficult to do the moves.  While we discussed the role that Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) and personal training at Muscle Activation Schaumburg can play in helping her achieve her goals, we also had to discuss some of the realities that her anatomy may be applying to the situation, as well.  The great thing about this discussion is that it is applicable to everybody who plays sports, not just her. So, if you participate in sports, take heed. This post is for you.


Joint Injuries and Your Internal Suspension System

Joint injuries and injuries to passive tissues such as ligaments and discs are ever-present in our society today.  Whether it is rupturing a meniscus or an ACL or herniating a disc, it seems as if both competitive athletes and weekend warriors alike are commonly plagued by injuries to the passive tissues of their body.  With these types of injuries only becoming more commonplace from high school athletes to middle-aged rec-leaguers, the question of, “What can be done to help prevent these types of injuries?” naturally comes up.  Fortunately, there is something that can be done, and the answer lies in the active tissues of the body – the skeletal muscles.


3 Cardio Tips To Minimize The Pounding On Your Joints

Welcome back to this week’s edition of 2-Minutes Tuesdays where we are bringing you one exercise topic, talking about it for two minutes, and giving you three reasons why you should follow our advice.  This week we are talking to those of you who want to do cardio without the high impact.  You want to get your cardiovascular work in but you have to respect your joints and make sure that the load you are working with is not bearing down on your joints and is not high impact.


Supercharge Your Stretching With This One Simple Change

I used to stretch all the time growing up.  I would stretch before I worked out.  I would stretch after I worked out.  I would stretch in the mornings.  I would stretch in the evenings.  I would stretch all the time because I wanted to improve my joint mobility and make sure that my body was prepared for my workouts.  For over a decade, stretching was a staple in my workout routine.

Despite all of that stretching, I never got to the point where I felt really flexible.  I would always feel stiff and achy.  My muscles felt chronically tight.  This persisted until I made one change to how I was doing my “stretching”. (more…)

7 Exercise Tips If Your Body Has Been Getting Achier For No Apparent Reason

Many prospective clients tell me that their body seems to be getting achier for no apparent reason.  They weren’t in any accident.  They don’t have any surgeries to speak of.  In fact, they have been relatively healthy their entire lives and cannot pinpoint a single injury or trauma.  Yet, it seems that their bodies continue to get achier with each passing year.  Activities they once loved to do now take a toll on them.  Playing with grandkids, chores around the house, and exercising as they once did leave them feeling beat up.  And the number one scapegoat seems to be the aging process.

As a certified personal trainer and Muscle Activation Techniques™ specialist in Schaumburg, I run across these scenarios a lot with prospective clients.  After they have been cleared by their medical professional for regular exercise, there are seven tips I suggest they incorporate into their exercise plans. (more…)

5 Ways To Change Up Your Workout So You Don’t Get Bored

Bored with exercise?  Finding that your current workout plan is a drag?  Interested in learning new ways to change up what you are doing?  Looking for some tips to amplify your results at the gym?


Join us on Monday, November 7 for our final Exercise For Life Talk of the year!  At Muscle Activation Schaumburg, certified personal trainers, Julie Errington and Charlie Cates, will be discussing five simple ways to completely transform your current exercise routine.  In this live workshop, Julie and Charlie will be teaching you some of their biggest secrets that they use with their clients to provide a world class exercise experience and make exercising feel like it has never felt before. (more…)

Exercise As A Lifestyle Stinks

Have you ever heard the saying “exercise is a lifestyle”?  I am pretty sure we all have heard it and we REALLY need to cut it out and stop saying it.  Let me tell you why.


Why do some people say this?  Because the true and best changes from exercise are seen with consistency and long-term efforts.

But, what does it sound like is being said?  Exercise must dominate your life.