Healthy Feet (Part One): Why Your Feet NEED To Move

As a certified personal trainer and Muscle Activation Techniques™ specialist in Schaumburg, I understand the importance of having healthy feet.  In fact, making sure my clients have healthy feet is of great importance to me because of how often we use our feet.  Nearly every physical activity is heavily dependent on your feet being healthy, stable, and functioning well.  Furthermore, issues that begin in the feet can quickly impact the health and function of the rest of the body. (more…)

Organic Exercise

You likely understand that in order for your body to work as well as it can, you should not be eating a diet based around cookies and cupcakes. However, when it comes to exercising, you may be stuck on a metaphorical dessert-heavy diet. As a Muscle Activation Techniques™ specialist and certified personal trainer in Schaumburg, I often have to discuss with my clients the difference between exercising for health and exercising for entertainment.

While what you are currently doing for exercise may seem more fun and entertaining than it’s healthy “organic” counterpart, understand that if you only eat the foods that are highly processed, eventually you are not going to feel well. Likewise, while the high-intensity, made-for-tv-esque exercises may be appropriate for your body from time to time, if that is your only form of exercise, eventually your body is going to be needing something “healthier”. (more…)

Muscle Activation Techniques™ Jumpstart Program Coming To Chicago

The Greg Roskopf’s Muscle Activation Techniques™ Jumpstart Program is coming to Chicago! The MAT™ Jumpstart Program is coming to Lincoln Park in Chicago starting September 24! Enter the code MAS before checking out to receive 5% off the cost of the course! Who:  Personal trainers, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, MAT™ specialists, or anybody else who Read more…