Hey welcome back to this week’s edition of 2-Minute Tuesdays. Now this week, we are talking to those of you who have considered working with a personal trainer, but you are considered that doing so will leave you feeling achy, beat up, and sore. Here are three reasons why working with a good personal trainer will actually have you feeling great!

1) They Can Customize A Workout For You

The first reason why working with a personal trainer will have you feeling great is they will be able to customize a workout for you. What you want to be weary of is a trainer or a gym that does the same workout for all of the clients or members who are there. A good personal trainer will have a good assessment and good assessment tools to use while you workout. This way, this will be able to continue to customize your workout for you and your body.

Action Step:  Before agreeing to work with a personal trainer, ask them about their assessment process. At a minimum, it should include some kind of joint range of motion exam. Want an example? Download our free 5-Minute Mobility Check here!

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2) They Can Modify Your Workout During Your Session

The second reason why working with a personal trainer will have you feeling great is they will be able to modify your workout during your session. If there are certain exercises that are bothering your joints or making your body feel not great, they will be able to change how you are doing the exercise in order for it to feel good. This way, you can continue to get the benefit of doing the exercise without having it take a negative toll on your body.

Action Step:  Ask your personal trainer what they would do if one of the exercises was causing pain. If they respond by saying that they would have you avoid doing the exercise altogether, consider finding a different trainer who would be willing to figure out how to modify the exercise.

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3) They Can Modify The Intensity To Match Your Body

The third reason why working with a personal trainer will have you feeling great is they will be able to modify the intensity of the workout to match your body. Some days your body will feel amazing. Other days you may be more tired. However you are feeling, a good personal trainer will be able to match your workout to your body.

Action Step:  Your personal trainer should be checking in with you before, during, and after your session to see how you are feeling. They should also be keeping notes to record what you have been doing during your workouts so if you come in in less than ideal condition, they will be able to make the appropriate adjustments.

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