Welcome back everybody to this week’s edition of 2-Minute Tuesdays. This week we are talking to you who do not enjoy doing resistance training. You may enjoy going for runs, riding your bike, or taking walks, but when it comes to lifting weights, it’s just not your jam. We get it – resistance training is not enjoyed by everyone – BUT you still have to get it in. Here’s how you can make sure your resistance training gets done even if you don’t like to do it.

1) Figure Out Activities That You Do Like

Our first tip to getting your resistance training done even if you don’t like it is to begin by figuring out what activities you do like, and then pairing them with resistance training. For example, you may be more of a social person, so going to a group class that focuses on weights may be a great option. Or perhaps you prefer more of a personal connection with people, so hiring a trainer could fit that need. Or maybe you don’t like being around people at all, so purchasing equipment to have a home gym is your way to go. Figure out what you like to do and how you like to do it and then find a way to pair it with resistance training.

Action Step:  What activities do you enjoy the most? Make a list of them and figure out why you like doing them. Then brainstorm some ways to incorporate resistance training into activities that meet that same “why”.

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2) Start With Microdoses

Our second tip to getting your resistance training done even if you don’t like it is to start with microdoses of resistance training. Don’t think that you need to do a full hour of weights in order for it to be worth your while. Start with one to two sets of one to two exercises and build up from there. Give yourself permission to be done with your resistance training after you finish those exercises, and then move onto the rest of your day.

Action Step:  Start small and build from there. Not only will this help you be done with your resistance training quickly, it will also help ensure that you do not get terribly sore from your workouts. Over time, you might find yourself wanting to add more, at which point you have the green light to do so!

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3) Schedule It

Our third tip to getting your resistance training done even if you don’t like it is to schedule it in your calendar. There is a tremendous amount of literature to support the idea that by scheduling your workouts, you are more likely to get them done, even if you aren’t particularly motivated to do them. By putting not only your workouts in your calendar, but also marking specific ones as your resistance training workouts, you will be reinforcing the habit of exercising consistently and getting your weights in on a regular basis.

Action Step:  Look at your calendar for the rest of this week. When can you find two times to get resistance training in? Mark it down and get it done.

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