This month on Trainer Tip Tuesday we will be discussing tips and tricks for when you are doing standing side bends. While this exercise can look relatively simple, there are some complexities that you need to keep in mind to make sure your low back stays safe.

Standing side bends are one of the most common exercises done in big box gyms and during group fitness classes throughout training studios across the country. But, even though this exercise is extremely popular, the reality is that many people make some mistakes with it that are setting them up to injure their low back and spine. 

One error that is really easy to commit when doing standing side bends is to not be focusing on the right things during the exercise. Oftentimes, gym goers start thinking about moving the weight up and down or trying to bend their spine back and forth. However, both of these things are likely to cause low back soreness, pain, or even injury.

So what should you be thinking about when doing standing side bends? That is exactly what we are discussing in this week’s video.

Check out all of the details in this week’s episode of Trainer Tip Tuesday, and be sure to tune back in next week as we discuss considerations for doing another exercise.

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