Welcome back to this week’s edition of 2-Minute Tuesdays. This week, we are talking to those of you who are struggling to get your workouts in with your kids running around. Whether their unusual schedule has your day in flux or you can’t seem to find 20 minutes to yourself to exercise, there are very specific and strategic things you can start doing today to free yourself up to workout.

1) Include Your Kids In Your Workouts

Our first tip to get your workout in if your kids’ schedules are crazy is to include them in your workouts. Sometimes, the easiest and most straightforward thing to do is to just have them join you in your exercise. It keeps them occupied, it allows you to get your workout in, and oftentimes kids really enjoy it! We have had a number of parents join in on our Facebook Live workouts over the past seven weeks who have their kids with them while they are working out (us included!). The kids enjoy the physical activity, you get to get your workout in, and hey, they may even be ready for a nap later.

Action Step:  Don’t be afraid to have your kids join you while you exercise. There are a lot of ways to workout where they can just use their body weight and don’t have to use dumbbells or hand weights. Make it something that becomes part of their daily schedule so you both can get your exercise in.

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2) Get Your Workouts In During Their Activities

Our second tip to get your workout in if your kids’ schedules are crazy is to exercise while your kids are doing their activities. Whether they are at home playing or doing arts and crafts, or if they are able to join more formal activities such as groups and team sports, utilize the time when your kids are involved in their own adventures to get your workout in.

Action Step:  When during the day are your kids able to play by themselves or be with a group where they don’t need your full attention? Utilize that time to get your workout in so that when they are done, you are done and ready to be there for them.

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3) Strategize Your Day

Our third tip to get your workouts in if your kids’ schedules are crazy is to strategize your day. This is a big tip and can take a little bit more creativity than the first two, but it is extremely effective. Look at all of the things you do during the day and figure out which activities are easier to do with your kids present and which are more difficult.  Then, structure your daily activities such that the things you can do more easily are done while the kids are there, freeing you up to do the more difficult tasks for after they go to sleep.

Action Step:  For example, you may find that it is easier to prepare meals when the kids are awake but it is more difficult to get your workout in. Utilize the time when they are up to premake your meals so once they go down, you can use that time to exercise.

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