Welcome back to this week’s edition of 2-Minute Tuesdays. This week, we are talking to those of you whose schedule has become completely open. In fact, you may feel like you have no schedule whatsoever. How can you make sure you still get your workouts in when you don’t have a daily schedule?

1) Schedule Your Exercise

Our first tip to ensuring you get your workout in when you don’t have a schedule is to schedule your exercise. During the time we have right now where a lot of us have to stay home, it can actually be more difficult to get your workouts in because everything starts creeping into the home. You are having to work from home, the kids are home from school, and all of your socializing is done from home, which means there probably isn’t as much structure to your day there once was. We find that, despite all of this, if you have a set time in your schedule every day when you are going to exercise, you are far more likely to get it done.

Action Step:  Pick a time every day when you can commit to exercising for at least 20 minutes. You can join us on our Facebook Live workouts at 11:00 AM CST during the week (and 10:30 AM CST on the weekends), you can catch a replay of them to do at your convenience. Whatever you choose to do, pick a time to do it and make sure it gets done.

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2) Make The Commitment To Yourself

Our second tip to ensuring you get your workout in when you don’t have a schedule is to make the commitment to yourself to exercise every single day. When your schedule is more open, you may be more likely to say, “I’ll exercise when I feel like it.” However, we often find that, despite the lack of other obligations, people don’t feel like exercising, so it doesn’t get done. So, if you can make the commitment upfront that today, no matter what, you are going to do some kind of exercise, that can help ensure that you actually get your workout in today.

Action Step:  Whether you are going for a walk, joining in on our Facebook Live workouts, or doing your own kind of workout, make the commitment to yourself that you will get your workout in.

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3) Know What You Are Going To Do

Our third tip to ensuring you get your workout in when you don’t have a schedule is to know what you are going to do for your workout before you begin. One thing we find is that if people have their workouts planned before they start, they are far more likely to complete them. However, if they are trying to make decisions about what to do while they are exercising, that is often enough of an overload to disrupt them from working out. So, take a few minutes to plan your workout ahead of time.

Action Step:  Now that your exercise is scheduled and you have committed to doing it, take 10 minutes to write down what you will be doing during your workout. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and if you aren’t sure, write down, “Do the MAS At-Home Workout on Facebook”!

Team MAS

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