Frozen Shoulder – Exericse tips you need to keep in mind

Welcome back to this week’s edition of 2-Minute Tuesdays where we are talking about one exercise topic for two minutes and giving you three reasons why you should follow our advice.  Now this week, we are talking to those of you who are experiencing frozen shoulder. What things do you need to keep in mind with your exercise to not only make sure that your shoulder doesn’t get worse, but maybe start to nudge it in the direction of better, too?

1) Strengthen The Muscles That Control Your Scapula

Exercise Tip Number One If You Have Frozen Shoulder:  Start doing strengthening exercises for the muscles that control your scapula.  A lot of times, frozen shoulder can stem from an unstable scapula. So, find out ways from a local trainer or MAT® Specialist on how you can strengthen the muscles that control your scapula.

Action Step:  Want to find a list of great trainers in your area?  Check out the directory of all of the mastery level Resistance Training Specialists™ here!

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2) Connect With Your Local MAT® Specialist

Exercise Tip Number Two If You Have Frozen Shoulder:  Connect with your local Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) Specialist.  Muscle Activation Techniques® is designed to figure out where you have muscles that are not working well and improve the function of those muscles.  A lot of times, when a lot of muscles get really dysfunctional, we start to experience really big symptoms, such as frozen shoulder. By getting your muscles working better, it may help the bones of your shoulder start to move better, allowing you to have better range of motion and more supported and protected joints.

Action Step:  Find a certified Muscle Activation Techniques® Specialist in your area here! If you want to learn more about MAT®, download our FREE eBook on MAT® here!

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3) Utilize Isometric Exercises

Exercise Tip Number Three If You Have Frozen Shoulder:  Use isometrics when training your arm and shoulder. Isometric exercises are done by strengthening your muscles without moving, such as a plank or wall squat.  Isometrics can be great for helping your joints heal while still challenging your muscles to get stronger.

Action Step:  Want to see where you should start with isometric exercises?  Download our free 5-Minute Mobility Check!

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