2018 has been a productive year of writing for us at Muscle Activation Schaumburg, especially when it came to creating content about Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®). Between podcasts and blog posts, we had a lot to say about MAT®. Check out all of our MAT® posts from 2018 below!

  1. How muscles saved me from blowing out my knee
  2. 3 Ways MAT® Helps to Boost Your Performance
  3. Stay safe during your ski trip with these exericse tips!
  4. E3 – What is Muscle Activation Techniques®?
  5. 3 Ways MAT® Helps Maintain Your Health and Function
  6. E4 – Q&A #1
  7. Want to progress your health, function, and fintess? MAT® can help.
  8. Looking to optimize your health and function? MAT® may be the answer.
  9. Pro Athletes – What’s the biggest difference between them and you?
  10. E7- MAT® vs. Personal Training – Similarities and Differences
  11. The Most Commonly Skipped Form of Exercise
  12. Injury Risk – Three things you can do to decrease this
  13. E9 – Core Work and Low Back Tightness
  14. Creating Margin For Your Muscular System
  15. E11 – Flexibility – A New Age Solution To An Old Time Problem
  16. Preparing for running season? Check out these tips!
  17. 5 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere To Strengthen Your Feet
  18. Preparing for golf season? Check out these exercise tips!
  19. E15 – Julie’s MAT® Story
  20. Biking Season Exercise Tips
  21. Flat Feet – Why Your Feet MUST Flatten
  22. E17 – How will MAT® help me become a better runner?
  23. How your shoes could be contributing to your aches and pains
  24. 3 Ways MAT® Helps Improve Your Workouts
  25. Muscles: What do you think of when you hear “muscle”?
  26. What LeBron James does differently than the rest of us
  27. Golfer’s Elbow: What it is and why it may not be your elbow’s fault
  28. E24 – What Does “Looking For The Cause” Mean?
  29. Aging? 3 things you can do to keep your muscles healthy!
  30. How Can MAT® Help Your Golf Game?
  31. 4 Considersations If You Can’t Feel The Exercises You Are Doing
  32. Is your body approaching 100,000 miles?
  33. What biking & golf have to do with a running injury
  34. E28 – What is ITS and how it is affecting you?
  35. E32 – Three Questions To Figure Out If You Are A Good Candidate For MAT®
  36. E35 – Charlie’s MAT® Story
  37. E37 – The Magic Muscle Myth
  38. Greg Roskopf featured on the Muscle Expert Podcast
  39. E39 – “My knee hurts…Why are you looking at my hip?”
  40. 3 Ways To Know If You Need MAT®
  41. MAT® Clients – 3 Unexpected Responses Immediately After Sessions
  42. E41 – The Third Category of Muscle Health
  43. Chronically tight muscles? We have some ideas!
  44. Joints feeling good after MAT®? Here are three proposed reasons why.
  45. E46 – The Role of the Muscular System
  46. Snow shoveling have your body out of whack? MAT® can help!
  47. Joints feeling achy? MAT® may be what you are looking for.
  48. E50 – 4 Early Warning Signs That You Need MAT®
  49. Airplane Travel – 4 considerations if flying leaves you feeling tight & achy

So there you have it – 49 MAT®-related posts in 2018. Perhaps in 2019 we will crack the 50 mark, but while you are waiting to find out, you can check out all of our MAT®-related posts from 2016 and 2017 here!

And don’t forget, we also came out with a 20 page eBook on MAT® that dives into more details about what it is and how you might know if you need it. Download it for free here!

Thanks so much for helping us spread the good word by always reading and sharing our content. We look forward to continuing to produce more and more content for you for years to come!

Team MAS

Muscle Activation Schaumburg is an exercise facility located in Schaumburg, IL with a goal to help you keep your health for as long as possible. We know that it is your health that allows you to do the things you love in life. This is why we promote a lifestyle that includes exercise, rather than exercise that is a burden to your life. Muscle Activation Schaumburg provides Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) and personal training services to its clients. We use MAT® and exercise to increase the function of your body. A well-functioning body is what allows you to stay healthy and do the things you love. We value helping the members of our community of Schaumburg as well as surrounding communities of the Northwest Suburbs improve their health.


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