Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or you just enjoy being physically active in general, Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) can help you reach your fitness goals faster and easier than you imagined.

There are many important aspects to reaching any fitness goal, including having a plan, the right support team, and knowing how to progress your body appropriately with your workouts. But, there are three giant aspects that depend on your physical wellbeing and can completely prevent you from reaching your goals if they are not prioritized.


The first is you have to have the physical strength and endurance to accomplish the goal. The second is you have to have enough joint mobility to accomplish the goal. And the third is you have to be able to recover quickly from your workouts and stay injury-free along the way.

Fortunately, MAT® gives you the opportunity to boost your abilities in all three of these aspects.

Let’s explore.

1. Increase Strength

With MAT®, the name of the game is getting muscles to contact better. When your muscles contract better, we generally interpret that as increased strength. Whether it is being able to use more weight during your workouts, being able to do more pushups or pullups, or just feeling stronger throughout your daily activities, having muscles that are stronger and are contracting better sets you up to be able to accomplish your health and fitness goals easier.

2. Increase Joint Mobility

Your muscles move your joints and bones. Oftentimes, you notice when your muscles feel too tight and your joints and bones don’t move well. You might feel stiff, inflexible, or immobile.

While the common approach is to try to loosen up your tight muscles to increase your joint mobility, MAT® takes the opposite approach, where it looks to strengthen weak muscles. By getting weak muscles stronger and contracting better, you have a better opportunity to move your joints and bones, increasing joint mobility and flexibility overall.

And, as an added bonus, the tightness that is often blamed for the lack of mobility goes away pretty quickly once your muscles contract better with MAT®, and without having to do a single stretch!

3. Recover Quickly & Prevent Injuries

The better your muscles work, the less stress your body overall has to handle. Your joints, ligaments, discs, and fascia take on less stress because your muscles are protecting them better. Your muscles that were once overworking and doing too much take on less stress because more muscles are able to help them out.

Overall, activities that once felt like they took a toll on your body all of a sudden feel completely doable to do again and again, day after day. Whether it is hiking, skiing, golfing, tennis, playing with grandkids, doing yard work, or anything else that life throws your way, when more of your muscles are working better, your body overall gets less stressed doing those activities.

So, if you have fitness goals you are reaching towards, awesome! Make sure your body is ready for them and can progress towards them issue-free by keeping your muscles strong and contracting well with MAT®.

If you’d like to learn more about MAT®, be sure to download our free 20-page report here.

And, if you are in the Chicago area – including downtown Chicago – or out in the suburbs like Schaumburg, Palatine, Hoffman Estates, Barrington, Inverness, or Arlington Heights – and you’d like to get your muscles assessed and worked on with MAT®, you can schedule a consultation and assessment with us at our Schaumburg location here.

Julie & Charlie

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