This month on Trainer Tip Tuesday we will be discussing considerations when you are doing pulldowns. Pulldowns can be one of the most effective ways to build the size and strength of your lats and posterior deltoids, but how you do them matters. This week we will be discussing how much motion you should be using while doing this exercise.

One common mistake we see when people do pulldowns is they try to use too much motion, especially at the end of the rep. There is a little extra motion that a lot of people do that ends up just wasting energy and doesn’t provide any benefit for the targeted muscles

If you are doing this little extra motion, it would likely be best to leave it out of your future sets of pulldowns. This way, you can put your focus and energy into challenging the muscles you are wanting to work with this exercise.

Check out all of the details in this week’s episode of Trainer Tip Tuesday, and be sure to tune back in next week as we discuss more considerations when doing pulldowns.

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