Welcome back to this week’s edition of 2-Minute Tuesdays. This week, we are talking to those of you who are looking at your Thanksgiving week schedule and it is slammed. How will you be able to still get your workouts in despite the craziness of the Thanksgiving holiday?

1) Pre-Schedule All of Your Movement Times

Our first exercise tip to make sure you get your workouts in during the Thanksgiving craziness is to pre-schedule all of your movement times. Oftentimes, exercising gets left out of our plans during the holiday season because we get so caught up in spending time with family, preparing food, figuring out our travels plans, etc. However, if you put into your schedule the days and times you will be exercising during the Thanksgiving week, you will be significantly more likely to actually follow through and get your workout in.

Action Step:  Look at your calendar now and figure out when during the next few days you can get in a workout. Write it into your schedule and then stick to it!

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2) Pre-Plan Your Workouts

Our second exercise tip to make sure you get your workouts in during the Thanksgiving craziness is to pre-plan your workouts. In addition to planning the times you will workout, write out what you are going to do for your workouts every day. Perhaps on Monday you will go for a run, on Tuesday you will do the MAS At-Home Workout Program, and on Wednesday you will ride your bike. Writing down what you will be doing for your workouts removes one of the biggest barriers to exercising, which is the “I don’t know what to do” syndrome.

Action Step: Be as detailed as you would like to be with this planning. You can write down the exact exercises you will be doing, or you can write something along the lines of “resistance training – total body”. Any thought now that you put into what you are going to do for your future workouts will help ensure they get done!

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3) Utilize The Uniqueness of The Holidays

Our third exercise tip to make sure you get your workouts in during the Thanksgiving craziness is to utilize the uniqueness of the holidays. Do you enjoy exercising with your family? What about participating in a virtual Turkey Trot? Look for ways to take advantage of the unique offerings that happen this time of year as a way to get your workouts in!

Action Step: Spending a little bit of time doing an internet search can generate some unique and fun ideas of ways to incorporate the unique offerings of the holiday season into your workout plans. Don’t be afraid to be creative and have fun with it!

Team MAS

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