Welcome back to this week’s edition of 2-Minute Tuesdays. Now this week, we are talking to those of you who are looking to do some trick or treating, but not necessarily with your exercise. You are wanting all the treats and all of the benefits from your workouts without all of the tricks – the fluff, the hype, the nonsense. What should you be doing with your workouts to make sure you are getting all of the benefits without the negative repercussions.

1) Stay Consistent With Your Resistance Training

Our first exercise tip to help you get the treats from your workouts is to stay consistent with your resistance training. Too often, the benefits of resistance training are overlooked, even though doing it arguably yields the most benefit for your health and function.

Action Step: If you want the treats and skip the tricks from your workouts, make sure the priority when you exercise is doing resistance training. Looking for guidance on how to effectively do resistance training? Download a copy of the MAS At-Home Workout Program here!

2) Utilize Cardio But Not At The Expense of Your Muscles

Our second exercise tip to help you get the treats from your workouts is to utilize cardio but not at the expense of your muscles and joints. Cardio can be a great way to get your heart pumping harder, get yourself sweating, and start breathing harder, but it can also really wear away at your muscles and joints. So, use cardio for what you want it to do in terms of getting your heart rate up, etc, but only if your muscles and joints are feeling up for it.

Action Step: There are a number of ways to get in cardio that are not the traditional means such as running and biking. If the traditional ways of doing cardio don’t feel good for your body, explore other options. Want some ideas? Download a copy of the MAS At-Home Workout Program here!

3) Keep Your Workouts Simple

Our third exercise tip to help you get the treats from your workouts is to keep your workouts simple and don’t overcomplicate things. It is popular for workouts and fitness classes to be marketed as “the latest and greatest”, but the basics are beautiful. Stick to your basics with your resistance training. Stick to your basics with your cardio. Keep your workouts simple and you will be more likely to get them done with better results and fewer negative repercussions.

Action Step: Wanting to dive deeper into the discussion of keeping your workouts simple? Join the Exercise For Life Method group on Facebook and tune in every Thursday for our live lunch and learn broadcasts!

Team MAS

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