Check out this awesome testimonial from pro basketball player Quinton Chievous!  Quinton did Muscle Activation Techniques® with Charlie in preparation for his second professional season.  After playing in the NBA’s development league with Memphis last year, Quinton is taking his talents overseas to play basketball professionally in Europe.  Quinton was a standout basketball player at Nile’s Notre Dame College Prep before heading to the University of Tennessee.  After graduating early from Tennessee, Quinton finished his collegiate basketball career while also earning his masters degree at Hamptom University.  Check out his testimonial below on his experience at Muscle Activation Schaumburg!

“I first got introduced to MAT® – Muscle Activation [Techniques®] – last year during my [NBA] pre-draft workouts.  My agent introduced me to one of the Rx specialists.  I wasn’t a fan at first.  I didn’t believe it at all.  One of the NBA players I knew, Tyrus Thomas, was walking around in Converse and he was like, ‘I could play in Converse right now,’ and he was a top-five pick.  I’m like, ‘There’s no way that this Muscle Activation will work.’

“I didn’t know what it was, but my body was pretty messed up so I went and got evaluated.  I wasn’t a believer at first, but when I first got up off the table it was like magic.  I was in shock.  I didn’t know what was going on.  I didn’t know what to believe.

“You really just need to get down and have somebody work on you to truly experience it.  A lot of people can tell you stuff and sell you things, but me, being a professional basketball player, MAT® has changed my career tremendously.  It is one of the biggest changes in my life.  I have learned to grow and accept it and love it so much I kind of want to, after my pro career, I kind of want to get into Muscle Activation because I know how big of an effect it can have on players and the transition it will take to really help their future.

“The second time, coming back to Chicago and visiting Charlie at MAT® in Schaumburg, I had messed my ankle up really bad.  I am currently about to go overseas to Finland and I needed a quick fix.  There was nothing I could really do at the doctor and I didn’t want to get out of shape.

“I came in on Friday.  My ankle was swollen.  I couldn’t even walk.  After that first session, I left and was able to walk fine.  I was putting a little pressure on my other foot but I was still able to walk.  I woke up in the morning the next day and was feeling good.  I couldn’t really do anything explosive or get on the court, but it was still a lot of progress.  I came in that day and worked some more.  I came in again on Sunday.  After three days I was ready to go through a full workout so I wouldn’t get out of shape on Monday.

“I came back today, Wednesday, so from Friday to Wednesday he has worked on my whole body.  I can be as explosive as I want right now.  It is just crazy.  You really just have to get down in that chair and experience it, but I mean Charlie is amazing.  I have dealt with elite MAT® guys and he is one of the elite, like the most elite that I know as far as going Rx.  You have different levels of it.

“I feel like him being an athlete, he can really relate to athletes and myself.  So, if you are an athlete, a professional basketball player, whether it is collegiate, high school, anything, I feel like he can really help heal your body.

“It’s not even about fixing it, but maintaining your body to not get hurt.  Staying away from injury, and Charlie, I feel like, is one of the most elite guys out there.  He can really help people.

“My experience with him is great.  I am beyond thankful for him and the opportunity he has given me, and I feel like I need him more than he probably needs me.  But if you are an athlete in any sport and you need your body taken care of, especially if you are in the Chicagoland area, Charlie is the main guy that you should be seeing right now. He’s amazing.  He’s a great person.  I can speak with him.  I can hit him up.  He gives me exercises and everything outside of working on me.  He’s a wonderful guy and if you have the opportunity, if you are an athlete, you should come in and check it out because it is definitely worth a try.”

Charlie Cates

Charlie Cates is the leading consultant to high-level professional, college, & high school basketball players in the Chicagoland area for injury prevention, recovery, & muscle performance. As a certified Muscle Activation Techniques® MATRx practitioner & former college basketball player, he uses his personal experience & understanding of the game & player demands to create customized exercise options for his clients to recover faster & perform their best. He is certified in the highest levels of MAT®, including MATRx, MATRx Stim, and MAT® Athlete. Follow him on Instagram @CharlieCates!