Check out Charlie’s interview he did on the Black Dad White Dad Podcast!

Charlie discusses many topics with Jerry and Jay, including:

  • The difference between exercising for the camera and exercising for results
  • The dangers of brining a sports mentality to your workouts
  • The biggest shift that needs to happen with your workouts to set you up for long-term success

And more!

Catch all of the details on this episode of the Black Dad White Dad Podcast!

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Charlie Cates

Charlie Cates is the leading consultant to high-level professional, college, & high school basketball players in the Chicagoland area for injury prevention, recovery, & muscle performance. As a certified Muscle Activation Techniques® MATRx practitioner & former college basketball player, he uses his personal experience & understanding of the game & player demands to create customized exercise options for his clients to recover faster & perform their best. Follow him on Instagram @CharlieCates!