Welcome back to this week’s edition of 2-Minute Tuesdays where we are talking about one exercise topic for two minutes and giving you three reasons why you should follow our advice.  Now this week, we are talking to those of you are cardio lovers and are feening to get outside and go running, and cannot stand running on the treadmill. How can you still get some cardio in without hopping on the treadmill this winter season?

1) Explore Other Cardio Equipment

Exercise Tip Number One For Getting In Cardio Without The Treadmill – Take this time as an opportunity to use other cardio equipment.  If you love running outside, chances are you do it a lot. That means the winter is a great time to balance out the stresses on your body and do things like biking, rowing, or using the elliptical.

Action Step:  What other pieces of cardio equipment does your gym have?  Take advantage of them this winter season by giving them all a try!

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2) Incorporate Circuit Training

Exercise Tip Number Two For Getting In Cardio Without The Treadmill – Incorporate more of a circuit training style to your weight lifting routine.  Instead of doing an exercise, resting, and repeating, try pairing three or four exercises together to do them back to back to back without any rest in between.  This will get your heart rate and respiratory rate up similar to if you were running.

Action Step:  What exercises will you be doing during your next weight training workout?  Do one set of each one right after the other without any rest, then take a quick break and do the next set of each. Repeat this until all of the sets you had planned to do are completed!

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3) Try Different Group Fitness Classes

Exercise Tip Number Three For Getting In Cardio Without The Treadmill – Try out some different classes and activities that your gym may be offering.  A lot of times gyms will have cardio-based classes, or maybe they have something like rock climbing. Also, the winter time can be a great time to go cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, which are great cardio options, too!

Action Step:  Check your gym’s group fitness schedule as well as look into outdoor equipment rental for cross-country skis and snow shoes!

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