Muscle Activation Schaumburg is located in a beautiful 4,000 square-foot facility.  We offer many exercise experiences with our machines and weights.  Our personal training and Muscle Activation Techniques™ facility serves clients from Schaumburg, IL and the surrounding areas.

We have the only full Keiser line of exercise equipment in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.  The Keiser exercise equipment is unique because there are not any weights.  Instead, it utilizes air pressure for resistance.  This makes for a safer and smoother personal training session.

We also feature a full line of selectorized machines, including Nautilus and Cybex pieces.  The personal trainers here are highly educated on how to set each piece of equipment up for your body’s needs.

The facility offers five private offices.  We use these offices for Muscle Activation Techniques™, which works on muscle function so your joints stay protected and strong.  This helps us create safe and effective exercises for you.

Muscle Activation Schaumburg features a section of select cardiovascular pieces.  We understand how important it is to you that your heart stays healthy and strong.  We utilize these pieces to help you reach your heart-health goals.

Muscle Activation Schaumburg has a large open area that is used for educating exercise professionals and personal trainers from the Chicago area as well as across North America.  The owner, Charlie Cates, is a lead instructor for the Muscle Activation Techniques™ program.  The Muscle Activation Techniques™ educational process is a cutting-edge program based out of Denver, CO focused on improving the health and function of the muscular system.  Julie Errington is the Midwest instructor for the Applied Academy of Personal Training Education (AAPTE), a nationally accredited personal training certification program.

We are honored to serve the Village of Schaumburg with education, hands-on training, and personal training and Muscle Activation Techniques™ services.  We would love for you to take a live tour of our office, located near Woodfield Mall at 1375 Remington Rd, Suite K, Schaumburg, IL 60173.