Check out what our clients think about Muscle Activation Schaumburg!  The following are testimonials about their experiences with us.

MAS Testimonials: Quinton Chievous

Check out this awesome testimonial from pro basketball player Quinton Chievous!  Quinton did Muscle Activation Techniques® with Charlie in preparation for his second professional season.  After playing in the NBA’s development league with Memphis last year, Quinton is taking his talents overseas to play basketball professionally in Europe.  Quinton was a standout basketball player at Nile’s Notre Dame College Prep before heading to the University of Tennessee.  After graduating early from Tennessee, Quinton finished his collegiate basketball career while also earning his masters degree at Hamptom University.  Check out his testimonial below on his experience at Muscle Activation Schaumburg!

MAS Testimonials: Kaili Harding-Kaminski

Check out this awesome testimonial from one of Julie’s rockstar personal training clients, Kaili Harding-Kaminski!  Kaili and Julie have been working together for over four months now and Kaili has seen some awesome results.  Kaili describes the changes with how she looks and feels throughout the day as well as while she is working out.  She also speaks to the importance of the accountability that Julie provides for her on a regular basis and how that impacts her decisions when she is not at Muscle Activation Schaumburg.

MAS Testimonials: Nicole Moneer

Check out this awesome MATRx® testimonial from retired IFBB Bikini Pro, NASM certified personal trainer, author, and mom Nicole Moneer!  Nicole describes her experience at Muscle Activation Schaumburg while going through the MATRx® process with Charlie.  She talks about the changes she has noticed in her hips and knees as well as how her body feels while she is working out.

MAS Testimonials: Sadie Stark

Check out this awesome testimonial from one of Julie’s amazing MAT™ clients, Sadie!  Sadie had been suffering from an IT band issue as well as a knee issue for a year and a half before she found Julie.  She had tried everything she could find to help with her issue, but it wasn’t until she tried MAT™ that she noticed significant improvement.  Now she is back to running over three miles and is running faster than ever!

MAS Testimonials: Cindy Chabowski

Check out this fantastic testimonial from Cindy, one of Julie’s rock star personal training clients!  Cindy has been working with Julie for the past three months and has noticed some drastic changes in her body.  She describes the challenges she faced while trying to exercise once she turned 50 and how Julie has helped her with those.  She speaks to the importance of lifting weights in a mindful manner and not just doing cardio to support her health.  She also talks about how the strength training she has done with Julie has helped her joints feel better and has improved her self-confidence.

MAS Testimonials: Liz Goodchild

Check out this awesome testimonial from Julie and Charlie’s client, Liz!  Liz describes her experience doing personal training with Julie and Muscle Activation Techniques™ with Charlie.  She talks about how what she has learned with Julie and Charlie has far outweighed everything she learned the previous 20 years of exercising regularly, as well as her body’s transformation over the past three months.

MAS Testimonials: Peggy Wilson

Check out this awesome testimonial from Julie’s personal training client, Peggy!  Peggy describes her experience working with Julie at Muscle Activation Schaumburg.  She talks about the intimidation she previously felt when going to the gym and being around personal trainers, and how working with Julie was nothing like that.

MAS Testimonials: Jim Caiafa

Jim Caiafa, a bodybuilder in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, talks about his experience with Muscle Activation Techniques™ at Muscle Activation Schaumburg.  Jim shares the improvement he has seen in his training after four sessions of MAT™, as well as the progress he has seen with his back after suffering an injury eight months prior (*disclosed in the video*).

MAS Testimonials: Christof Heisser

Christof, a personal training client in Schaumburg, began his exercise journey at Muscle Activation Schaumburg.  He is excited that he has found what works for his body and his schedule by working at Muscle Activation Schaumburg.

MAS Testimonials: Natalie Kirkpatrick

Natalie Kirkpatrick, a bikini competitor from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, describes her experience with Muscle Activation Techniques™ at Muscle Activation Schaumburg as she prepared for her bikini show.  Check out her testimonial as she talks about the improvements she saw in her training and recovery.

MAS Testimonials: Tim Lain

Tim Lain, a personal training and Muscle Activation Techniques™ client, describes his experience working with Charlie and the changes he has seen in his body.

MAS Testimonials:  Leo Perez

Leo Perez, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and competitor for Alliance Jiu-Jitsu and Evolution MMA in Schaumburg, IL, talks about his experience with Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™) and the changes he has noticed after a few months of sessions.  Leo discusses some of the differences in his performance, recovery, and training that he has experienced while taking part in the MATRx™ process with Charlie Cates at Muscle Activation Schaumburg.

MAS Testimonials:  Justin Ehrhardt

Justin Ehrhardt, head trainer at CrossFit Rise in Schaumburg, describes his experience with Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™) and MATRx™ with Charlie Cates at Muscle Activation Schaumburg.  Justin gives details about the PR’s he has hit since beginning his MATRx™ sessions, and the suprising increases in strength, performance, and mobility that he has noticed.

MAS Testimonials: Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson, a personal training and Muscle Activation Techniques™ client, describes his experience working with Julie and the changes he has noticed since he began coming to Muscle Activation Schaumburg.

MAS Testimonials:  Kurt Wuckert

Kurt Wuckert, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete and coach at Alliance Jiu-Jitsu and Evolution MMA in Schaumburg, IL, talks about his experience with Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™) and the changes he has noticed after just a few sessions.  Kurt discusses some of the differences in his performance, recovery, and training that he has experienced while taking part in the MATRx™ process with Charlie Cates at Muscle Activation Schaumburg.

MAS Testimonials: Dr. Joseph Mazzei

Dr. Joseph Mazzei, a physician in the Schaumburg area, tried Muscle Activation Techniques™ at Muscle Activation Schaumburg because of a shoulder issue he was experiencing (*disclosed in the video*).  Dr. Mazzei loved the welcoming and friendly environment that MAS provides.

MAS Testimonials: Andrew Reger

Andrew Reger, a local high school athlete, describes his experience with MAT™ at Muscle Activation Schaumburg.

MAS Testimonials: Josh Houston

Josh Houston, a national panel rugby referee, shares about how Muscle Activation Techniques™ helps him perform on the field.

MAS Testimonials: Greg Shea

Greg Shea discusses his experience with Muscle Activation Techniques™ and personal training at Muscle Activation Schaumburg.

MAS Testimonials: Tricia Harris

Tricia, a fitness enthusiast, shares about her personal training experience at Muscle Activation Schaumburg.  Tricia loves the focus and individualized attention during each and every one of her personal training sessions.

MAS Testimonials: Peter Croke

Peter, a personal training and Muscle Activation Techniques™ client, describes the impact regular exercise and MAT™ have made on his overall wellbeing and quality of life.

MAS Testimonials: Gail Metsig

Gail, a MAT™ client at Muscle Activation Schaumburg, shares how improving her muscle function helped her feel and function better.

Kim Buckley, 40

Zumba & Group fitness instructor, active mother

0f6d1e_f1d1d10ce566812eae95b6e25a3a5798.jpg_srz_p_375_360_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzI first met Julie in January 2012 when we worked together at Crunch Fitness.  I was a Zumba instructor there and at that time Julie was the group fitness manager and a personal trainer.  She always had a smile on her face and seemed to truly love her job.

Fast forward to April 2013, and we ran into each other while Julie was doing some marketing for Symmetry [where Julie used to work].  As we chatted, she told me about the new facility and about MAT.  I was intrigued as I had recently turned 40 and was starting to feel my age!  I get a lot of cardio activity but have really never done any strength training and was beginning to see the huge physical imbalance it was causing.

My MAT evaluation was fascinating!  I’d never experienced anything like it and it ALL made sense to me; I would describe it as an hour that felt like a fusion of physical therapy, training, muscle testing and massage.  I left that appointment knowing more about my body’s capabilities than I had known before.  The awesome part about Julie’s MAT knowledge and her education is that my personal training sessions are custom designed specifically for what my body needs to be able to perform best.  ANY trainer can design a workout program and be your cheerleader / motivator, but Julie brings so much more to that to her clients!  Her education and her passion are truly assets that her clients greatly benefit from.  Ultimately I decided to begin personal training sessions with Julie with the goals of building strength and to fight the signs of aging.

I didn’t know what to expect from our training sessions because I had never had any before, but I can tell you that I didn’t think they would be fun, but they were!  Julie works me through a circuit of exercises that are both challenging and interesting.  I am never bored, and I know that my form is correct because she is always watching or guiding me to ensure I maintain proper alignment.  I always leave our sessions feeling exhilarated!  The muscle soreness I have earned during this process truly feels like a badge of honor, as I know I am strengthening my body and building lean muscle mass.  Resistance training with Julie has opened my eyes to the “other side” of fitness that I had avoided while only teaching cardio classes, and now I love it!  It doesn’t have to be boring!  I’m so grateful for my experience with her and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a highly-educated and knowledgeable trainer to guide you on your personal fitness journey.

Tim Lain


I wanted to let you know how much I have benefited from MAT™.  There is a very noticeable improvement in my flexibility and I rarely experience the aches and pains I used to have from any physical activity.  With the combination of diet, exercise, and MAT™, I have reduced my A1C scores from 8.2 to 7, which is the target number for a Type 2 Diabetic.

My body feels 20 years younger and my energy levels are as high as they were when I was in my 30′s.  I always thought of myself as a light sleeper, but I am finding that since starting MAT™ I am sleeping more soundly and am rarely waking up in the middle of the night.

I would recommend this to everyone.  I am feeling so good that I am going to have my partner begin sessions this summer.

Thanks for helping me improve my stamina, flexibility and overall health

Debbie Divita, 61

0f6d1e_a7f143f8fbf4fe7c1e337bced18273bf.jpg_srz_p_380_375_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzI’ve always exercised but last year I was having real issues with a herniated disk.  Nothing was giving me relief.  I visited Julie and after the 1st visit it did not hurt to get up off the toilet.  Within 2 months I was running 3x a week.

[My goals were to] tone up and eliminate rolls around middle and lose those last 5 lbs.

[Julie] keeps me motivated and [the workouts] keep making changes to my body.  I have gone down 2 sizes and 8lbs so far!

[Now] I’m running 3x/week, about 5-6 miles in approx 1 hr.  I’m feeling better about my body at 61.  I have completed a 6 mile run which was a first for me.  Its actually now fun for me to buy clothes

Sonny Schwartz

Charlie was able to relieve a nagging and very uncomfortable lower back pain I had been having for about ten days. He spent the entire session performing Muscle Activation Techniques™.

When I arrived and Charlie asked how I was feeling I told him that my back was hurting and that I was concerned with how well I could put my all into the workout.

After an hour devoted to muscles of the hip area, I was able to drive with greatly reduced discomfort and felt a strange relaxation. The next day the pain was, remarkably, completely gone.

Charlie is a knowledgeable, conscientious, and very likeable trainer. I was very surprised and grateful that he was able to help me.

Terri Allen , 40


0f6d1e_33faeba37eb094f335ec894b9158b75e.jpg_srz_p_385_375_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzJulie had approached me in a boot-camp class and told me to come see her if I was ever interested in training.  She was not pushy which I appreciated.  A few months later (and a wedding dress to look fabulous in) I decided to try it.  Julie has such a cute and vivacious personality and she was really easy to talk to when discussing my goals.

I expected [Julie] to help push me when I was not willing or able to [exercise] on my own.  I am one who truly hates the gym and going on my own it was way too easy to walk out when I got tired or bored.  Julie was able to push me to work hard and change up the exercises to keep them interesting through the entire four months I was with her.  I didn’t have a ton of weight to lose, my goal was only 8 pounds, but I really wanted to get toned.  Julie helped me to reach that goal not just with weights and training, but a tips on diet and cardio as well.
[I hired Julie] to get in shape before my wedding!

Julie is an excellent trainer.  She is a smart, driven young lady.  She was always taking extra classes to further her knowledge so she could perfect her craft. Julie is highly professional, but with her smiling face was always able to make my torturous workouts seem like fun!

Ben Wisniewski

2012-02-21-ec-wisniewski-tow-300x180When I got back in May from playing professional basketball overseas I was having a lot of issues with my hips. They were sore, tight and affecting my overall movement on the basketball court. I went to Charlie Cates hoping Muscle Activation Techniques™ could help me.

During the first session I failed each and every position test, basically telling me I had zero ability to control my hips. Charlie gave me a long extensive session and a few hip exercises to do on my own before I saw him next.

I worked on my hips diligently and came back the next week with “a completely different body [Charlie]”. My hips felt 100% better and I was able to pass all the position testing from the previous week.

I continue to do my exercises on my own and it keeps me feeling strong on the court.

Thank you to Chuck Cates.

Karen Morlock, 44

Special Education Teacher

0f6d1e_ada7a5d13ecb22955abae6593e3525b8.jpg_srz_p_380_381_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz[Before Julie] I rarely worked out or exercised!

I had goals to lose weight and inches and not always feeling tired.

I liked that I had to be commited to showing up to workouts and I began exercising faithfully 4-5 times per week and I also began watching what I ate.

My issues with my knee immensely improved [after many MAT treatments].  When I began I could only exercise for a few minutes and now I can do 30 minutes to an hour!  [Before MAT] thought I was going to need a knee replacement, I had already had 5 knee surgeries.

I feel healthier and happier and also able to perform my job better!

Andrew Aurit


After two MAT™ sessions I was able to play about 80 minutes of high intensity soccer and it was the best I’ve felt in a long time. It was the first time my hips hadn’t hurt in like a month.

Nicole Hughes, 46

District School Board

0f6d1e_fedd1d082ae6eb8103371dede8a85252.jpg_srz_p_390_400_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzI have spent from the age of 25 until the present with a variety of gym memberships.  I was pretty good about using the memberships, or at least doing some cardio.  Then I became a principal [of a school].  With the new job I worked out on and off.  I would join a gym, get very serious, go consistently for months and one day wake up and stop.  My weight fluctuated and my frustration increased because when I would go [to the gym] I was not seeing results.  Or the results I thought I should see.  Then there was Julie……

I started working out with Julie and wanted to have more energy, be on a program I could maintain and see results (muscles).  Oh and of course, lose weight.

Julie makes working out fun.  She helps keep me motivated, adjusts the work outs to match my energy level but always pushes me to be better.  The workouts are never the same.  She keeps it interesting.  Julie is very upbeat and positive.  You can’t help but want to work hard when you are having fun.

The other nice thing about working out with Julie is she explains what each movement does for your body and why she wants you do to it.

My overall physical health is better.  I have more energy and am sleeping much better.  My weight is down and those favorite jeans fit again.  What more can a girl ask for.  Thank you Julie!

 James Wang

263902_545646402115904_1983026014_nMy expe­ri­ence with MAT™ was incred­ibly pos­itive. After undergoing spinal surgery in Sep­tem­ber 2011, I strug­gled with back mus­cle tight­ness and pain. After just two sessions, my back immedi­ately felt stronger, and the tightness loos­ened up. Even though the sessions seem com­pli­cated, the concepts made per­fect sense to me.

Bridget Doria, 41

0f6d1e_3af114ab1ffc1868e3f4b9fbc2061f42.jpg_srz_p_380_369_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzI had been working out for 4 months and had lost 20lbs but was very discouraged because I thought I should have lost more than I had. Julie asked me what I was doing and what I wanted to achieve.

Julie listened to what I wanted for myself. From there she showed me exercises that I could actually do and I had fun seeing that I could do them! Every time I meet with Julie I looked forward to seeing how she was going to challenge me.  I was amazed at myself with what I could do! This is how Julie kept me motivated… I kept coming back and working hard! Not to mention the weight just kept coming off. I have lost a total of 70 lbs with the help and guidance of Julie, I am very close to my goal!

Julie helps keep you motivated, listens to what you want or need to accomplish, and, most importantly, makes it fun to workout!!

I feel GREAT!

Briggs Doherty

briggsChair-284x300I have been working with Charlie for over a year and just started with Muscle Activation Techniques™ three months ago. I cannot tell you how greatly improved I feel. My wife also sees Charlie for MAT™ and we are both feeling much younger and more agile. It is more than worth the cost, in my opinion.