Charlie Cates, M.S.

Charlie Cates is the leading consultant to high-level professional, college, & high school basketball players in the Chicagoland area for injury prevention, recovery, & muscle performance.

As a certified Muscle Activation Techniques® MATRx practitioner & former college basketball player, he uses his personal experience & understanding of the game & player demands to create customized exercise options for his clients to recover faster & perform their best.

He is certified in the highest levels of MAT®, including MATRx, MATRx Stim, and MAT® Athlete.

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Julie Cates, MATRx, RTSm, CPT

Julie Cates is an experienced, certified, and insured National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Personal Trainer and Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) Rx Specialist (MATRx). She is one of 88 certified mastery level Resistance Training Specialists® (RTSm) in the world. This combination makes her style of training impactful while being preventative and restorative of many joint and muscle issues and pain symptoms that are common with exercise.

Julie specializes working with women 50 and over. Specifically, her main focus is working with women with bone density loss, muscle loss, Osteopenia, and Osteoporosis.

She is certified in the highest levels of MAT®, including MATRx and MAT® Athlete.

Julie has incredible experience working with brand new exercisers. Very specific types and styles of exercises are needed for restoring and maintaining bone density, and Julie guides her clients through these in a pain-free way.

She is also well experienced in helping women exercise even with various joint, bone, systemic, and neurological diagnoses.

Julie is definitely your go-to personal trainer for women with Osteoporosis!

Julie graduated cum laude from the University of Florida. She earned her degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with a specialization in Exercise Physiology.

Julie is the co-owner of Muscle Activation Schaumburg in Schaumburg, IL.  She is a wife and mother of two.

Julie can be reached via email at  Follow her on Instagram at @julcates!