Check out our selection of original E-Books below, authored by Charlie and Julie Cates!

“Monster Pushups” by Charlie Cates

Are you wanting to drastically increase your pushups in as little as eight weeks?  Look no further than “Monster Pushups” by Charlie Cates.  With all new pictures and detailed explanations, this how-to guide for increasing your pushups is easy to follow and even easier to see results with.

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“What Your Gym Hasn’t Taught You” by Julie Cates

In this book, Julie goes through seven of the most common exercise machines that you will find in nearly every gym.  She gives you the details necessary to make sure you are using the machines safely and effectively.  Overall, this will decrease your risk of injury, reduce the amount of time you spend exercising, and improve the results you are getting in the gym!

Julie will be breaking down each machine into three topics. The first is how to generally set up the machine for your body. The second will be a tip to help reduce risk while using this machine. The last will be a cue on what to think about while using the machine.

Download this e-book now for $10.00!

“Five Simple Steps To Create Lifelong Health Through Exercise” by Team MAS