Not located in the Schaumburg or Chicagoland area?  Already a member at a gym you love working out at?  Travel all the time so your schedule is inconsistent?  No problem!  At Muscle Activation Schaumburg, we utilize the best of technology and video to provide you a full MAS exercise experience on your own time at your own location of choice!  Welcome to the Muscle Activation Schaumburg Virtual Membership Program.

The Muscle Activation Schaumburg Virtual Membership Program allows clients to get in a MAS-qualiity workout without being on location with us.  Through an advanced online assessment, we are able to customize exercise for your body’s needs and abilities.  We take the results of your assessment to create a one-of-a-kind exercise program for you, just like if you were here training with us at MAS.

Your assessment and program are delivered 100% online and are accompanied with instructional videos for each exercise.  We will be showing you exactly what you need to be doing for each exercise, as if you were with us in person.  Based on your goals, how often you’d like to get a workout in, how much time you have available, what equipment you have access to, and what your body’s needs and abilities are, we will create a customized exercise program for you to take on the road, do at home, or bring with you to the gym.

While nothing can completely replace the experience and expertise of working with a MAS trainer in person, we fully believe this is as close as you can come without doing the real thing…and for less than 25% of the cost!

Get started with your enrollment in the Muscle Activation Schaumburg Virtual Membership Program by emailing us at or call our office at 224.653.8586!