To our friendly neighborhood dentists and dental professionals:

Your work does not have to leave you in pain.

Your hands, elbows, neck, shoulders, and back do not have to constantly be aching and sore just because you are doing the dental work you love.

There is something going on within your body that is rarely discussed, but extremely common…

…and that thing is muscle inhibition.

Muscle inhibition happens when your body is used the same way over and over for long periods of time, much like what happens to dental professionals when they put themselves in the same postures doing the same procedures using the same tools over and over for years on end.

It is almost 100% guaranteed you have muscle inhibition if you are experiencing:

  • Weakness, tingling, or unsteady motion in your hands or fingers
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome or similar symptoms
  • An “-itis” like medial or lateral epicondylitis
  • A stiff and achy neck despite stretching regularly
  • A hunch in your upper back
  • Difficulty having good posture
  • Stiffness in your low back
  • SI joint issues or issues down your legs (such as sciatica)
  • Tight hamstrings from hunching over to view into your patients’ mouth
  • Foot pain from walking through the operatory all day (even if you use orthotics)

At Muscle Activation Schaumburg, we specialize in helping professionals like yourself overcome muscle inhibition through Muscle Activation Techniques®, also known as MAT®.

Since 2014, we have been helping the Schaumburg community and many of the surrounding areas address their inhibited muscles through the MAT® process.

MAT® is a unique process of identifying precisely which muscles within your body are inhibited and causing your symptoms and then activating and strengthening those muscles directly.

It does NOT involve any stretching, releasing, dry needling, or other common procedures that you have likely tried in the past.

In fact, in many ways it is the exact opposite of all of them; but because MAT® is able to address muscle inhibition at a root-cause level, we see that the work is more effective and holds longer than other ways of trying to overcome pain and tightness.

At Muscle Activation Schaumburg, we are the only certified MAT® practitioners in the northwest suburbs, and two of the most highly-trained practitioners worldwide.

We are located right next to you in the 60173 area code. We would love to help you overcome the muscle inhibition in your body so you can practice dentistry–and live your life–pain-free.

Click here to schedule your initial MAT® consultation and assessment with us!

In strength and health,

Julie & Charlie Cates