Upcoming Personal Training Certification Courses and Continuing Education Classes at Muscle Activation Schaumburg:

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Muscle Activation Schaumburg offers personal training certification courses in Schaumburg for prospective personal trainers as well as continuing education courses for current personal trainers.  Through the nationally accredited Academy of Applied Personal Training Education program and the Muscle Activation Techniques™ program, Muscle Activation Schaumburg has become an educational hub for the midwest.  


A personal training certification through AAPTE prepares personal trainers for a career of success.  AAPTE teaches individuals how to think about exercise, not what to think about exercise.  This means AAPTE personal trainers will understand the principles of each exercise instead of memorizing rules of exercise.  This preparation for the personal training field is advantageous as fitness professionals are bound to work with a variety of different client needs, goals, and medical histories.

AAPTE prepares trainers in a unique, hands-on classroom setting.  Certified personal trainers work hands on with clients, and that is how we teach you–hands-on.  We have many personal training certification courses and personal training continuing education courses coming up.  We attract students from all over the Chicago area, including the city of Chicago and the Chicago suburbs.  Check out our “Events” page to find the next available course!

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The Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™) program, developed by Greg Roskopf, is quickly becoming a cutting-edge tool used by some of North America’s leading health and fitness experts.  The primary focus of MAT™ is to improve muscle contractile efficiency.  MAT™ is founded on the Roskopf Principle, which states that muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness. This means that muscle weakness is often a contributing factor to symptoms such as low back and hamstring tightness. CHI event dashboard photo without text-2The MAT™ program teaches students how to assess clients and patients for muscular weakness, how to address these weak areas once they are found, and how to systematically progress through a client or patient’s body over time.  The MAT™ certification is a wonderful compliment to a personal training certification and can be used for continuing education credits towards a personal training certification.  More information on the MAT™ education program can be found here.